General questions

  • What is Genesis Vision?

    Genesis Vision is a decentralized asset management platform built on blockchain technology whilst utilizing smart contracts. Each manager in the Genesis Vision network has their own individual cryptocurrency. The process of transferring funds to the manager is carried out through buying said manager’s cryptocurrency within the purpose-built internal exchange.
    From the manager’s point of view; the trading process will not change. The trader will continue to operate on the exchange or through the existing convenience of a broker. Genesis Vision; in turn, represents a common open source of reliable information about the statistics (performance) of the network participants’ activities and a fully transparent system for investment and profit distribution.
    Each investor has access to manager’s from all over the world, with all relevant information available on their trading and profit statistics, now being accessible in one single place for investors. Helping make an informed and most importantly, an educated decision.

  • Who are GV managers?

    GV managers are companies/individuals with a proven trading history, ready to acquire investors’ money for management. The profit, received as a result of management of the total funds, is shared proportionally between the managers and investors. Managers receive a commission for management and a commission from the profit (success fee)

  • Who are GV investors?

    GV investors are participants that do not trade in the market directly. Instead, investors transfer their funds to experienced traders who manage the funds on behalf of them. Investors get their shares from their managers’ profits.

  • What brokers is GV cooperating with?

    Currently; GV is cooperating with Just2Trade and Larson&Holz.

  • Do you have mobile apps?

    Yes, we have an iOS application & Android application for investors. For managers there is only the web version available for the time being.


  • I haven’t received a confirmation email after successful registration. What should I do?

    In the first instance, please; check all the folders in your inbox including the spam folder. The email might be there. If it is not there, kindly contact our Support team: [email protected] and someone will come back to you in a timely manner.

  • I would like to stay anonymous. Can I put fake data in my profile?

    As per our Terms and Conditions the Client is obliged to provide genuine personal data. However, in accordance with the Privacy policy we won’t disclose our clients’ personal details. Only managers decide what information to include within their public profile.

  • Does GV have a KYC process?

    Yes, the KYC procedure for managers will be implemented at the time of the real mode launch. It will be obligatory as it will most likely be requested by our partner brokers.

  • How can I secure my account?

    The 2FA option will be added at the time of the real mode launch. We kindly recommend to enable this in order to ensure the safety of your account.

  • I forgot my password. What should I do?

    When you sign in, you can click the «Forgot your password?» link and enter the email address you have used to create an account with us. You will get an email with a link for resetting your password.

  • Can I close my account?

    Your account can be blocked or completely deleted upon your request. To block/delete your account kindly contact our Support team: [email protected]


  • What is a program?

    This is a special investment program, created by the manager. Manager provides his asset management services within the framework of an investment program. Investors invest in trading programs, and not the manager.

  • What is a reporting period?

    It is a period that is defined by a manager; at the end of which, all trading positions are closed with a subsequent profit distribution. Also during this period investors can join or leave the investment program, additional investment amounts are made, and the commission is paid to a manager.

  • What is a manager’s token?

    A manager’s token is a special personalized token, issued for a particular trading program.

  • What is the success fee?

    Success fee is an additional successful trading fee that is charged from the investor’s profit at the end of the reporting period.

  • What is a management fee?

    Manager’s fee is an obligatory annual fee, charged at the end of the reporting period from the total amount of funds invested in this particular investment program.

Investor’s account

  • How to become an investor?

    In order to become an investor you simply need to register on the Genesis Vision Investor website section here

  • How to make an investment?

    In order to make an investment you are supposed to go to the deposit page and transfer your GV tokens to the address provided.

  • When will my investment request be accepted?

    Investments are accepted at the beginning of the reporting period.

  • Can I cancel an investment request?

    You can cancel your investment request only if the reporting period has not yet been started and your investment request has not already been confirmed.

  • When will I receive my profit?

    Investors will receive the profit at the end of the reporting period, the duration of which is selected by the manager while setting up a trading program.

  • What commissions should I pay?

    You only need to pay the commissions that are selected by the manager while creating an investment program.

  • What should I do if I am not happy with the program?

    You can make a withdrawal request anytime, but it will be processed only at the end of the reporting period

  • How do I withdraw my investment from the program?

    Simply click «withdraw» on the investment program page.

  • What happens to my investment when the reporting period ends? Will it be returned to my wallet or reinvested?

    If you didn’t withdraw your funds, prior to the end of the reporting period, your funds will remain invested in the program. You will receive your share of profit upon the end of each reporting period until you choose to withdraw.

  • What happens if a manager closes his program?

    In the case of a manager closing his investment program, profits and all funds will be distributed to investors and the manager according to their shares.

Manager’s account

  • How to become a manager?

    First off, you will need to register as a manager, using the following link

  • How to create a program?

    You can do this by pressing the «create a program» button.
    First of all; you need to come up with your trading account password and confirm it. Note: The Password must be at least 8 digits long. It must include at least one character and at least one number.
    Then, you’ll need to choose a broker to trade with. You can select one from the drop-down menu.

  • What should I write in the program description section?

    The way you describe a program is completely up to you, however it is preferred to mention your trading experience and trading patterns or strategies that you are planning to use.

  • Can I edit my program after it has been created?

    Yes, you will be able to change and edit your trading program in the «Dashboard» section, by clicking «edit program».

  • Can I close the program?

    You can close the program from the «Dashboard» section, by clicking «close program» button.

  • Can I create more than one program?

    Yes, a manager can create any number of trading programs.

  • What is the manager’s level & how can I get a higher one?

    A manager’s level is an indicator of the success of the selected trading program. This indicator is based on several parameters, such as average profit, total profit and the age of the trading program.

  • Will everyone been able to see my trades? Can I hide them?

    You will have an option to veil your trading history in order to keep your trading pattern a secret, if necessary. It is currently unavailable; however is planned to be implemented appearing along with the live release of the platform.

  • How will I get paid my commission?

    All of the profit distribution will be handled by smart-contracts and will happen as an automated process. The commission will be processed at the end of the reporting period. If a manager wants the withdrawal, he/she can make a request.


  • How to connect my MetaTrader account to GV & how to start trading?

    After you create a program, you will receive a confirmation email with all the data to log in to MetaTrader. Use the username and password from the email sent to login to MT and start trading.

  • What instruments can I trade?

    The list of available trading instruments depends on the broker you have chosen. Please, learn their trading instruments before you make your choice.


  • What is GVT?

    Genesis Vision has its own token: GVT (Genesis Vision Token). GVT is based on the ERC20 Ethereum token standard. GVT will be used for all investment operations, profit distributions, and managers’ token trading on the internal exchange.

  • Is GVT a security?

    We have received a conclusion on the ‘The Howey Test’ passage that our token can’t be deemed as a security. Read more.

  • Where can I buy/sell GVT?

    GVT is traded on the following crypto exchanges currently: Binance, Ovis, Hotbit, Kucoin, HitBTC.

  • I have GVOT30 tokens. What should I do?

    You have option tokens(tokens that you’ve purchased on pre-sale stage). Unfortunately, you didn’t execute your option to receive GVT with a 30% bonus. Please, send us back all GVOT30 you’ve received and we will send you GVT on your initial deposit. Here is the guide to send GVOT30.

  • Sell or hold? What will be the price in 2018/19/20 etc.?

    The team doesn’t comment or predict the token rate/cost. The decision whether to hold GVT or sell it is entirely up to you.


  • What was the ICO price?

    $1 per 1 GVT

  • When was the ICO held?

    Genesis Vision crowdsale campaign was held from October 15, 2017 to November 15, 2017. There was a pre-sale procedure, based on the option’s sale.

  • What is the total supply of GVT?

    The hard cap was 44,000,000.

    — GVT for sale — 75%;
    — Bounty, marketing, advisers — 9%;
    — Team tokens — 11%;
    — Genesis Vision fund — 5%.

    During the ICO the amount of 3,327,482 GVT was sold.
    The total amount of GVT tokens: 4,436,643

  • What happened to unsold tokens?

    All the unsold tokens were burned.

Genesis Markets

  • What is Genesis Markets?

    Genesis Markets is a crypto broker project, designed to aggregate multiple data from multiple sources.

  • What role does Genesis Markets play in the Genesis Vision ecosystem?

    Genesis Markets is basically an entry point for Genesis Vision managers, that don’t have an account within the partnered brokers or exchanges and is available to enable these said managers to partake.

  • What advantages does Genesis Markets provide aside from other crypto brokers/exchanges?

    Aggregation of data from multiple crypto exchanges provides a number of significant advantages, for example aggregation of liquidity, trading tools and the absolute best available prices.

  • How is GVT implemented into Genesis Markets?

    If you pay for the commission using GVT, you will receive a 30% discount. However, if you hold «some» amount of GVT, the discount level will vary, depending on the amount of GVT held. You can find the detailed information on the Genesis Markets website