In the Genesis Vision ecosystem, commissions can be charged by managers and by the platform itself. The size of commissions set up by managers can differ since Genesis Vision managers can set up the size of their commissions by themselves.

The fees that are charged by managers for investing in investment programs are:

  • Entry fee: the fee charged for your initial investment.
  • Success fee: the commission charged by the manager for his success.

The fees that are charged by managers for investment in GV funds are:

  • Entry fee: the commission to invest funds.
  • Exit fee: the commission to withdraw funds.

The commission for withdrawal from the platform is 0.22 GVT.

The commissions that are charged by the platform are:

  • An investment entry fee. Its size is 0,5% of the investment, and it is being applied to all of the investment transactions on the platform
  • A platform success fee. Its size is 10%, and it is charged from investors at the end of the reporting period only in a case when a manager had a profitable reporting period. This fee not charged for the investment in GV Funds. 3% out of the collected success fees will go to the redemption and subsequent burning of GV tokens.

What are the commissions for GVT holders

  1. To pay commission for open and closed transactions as a GVT holder, it is necessary to enter the wallet and tick the option «Use GVT to pay for fees».
  2. Once the option is enabled, starting from the current reporting period, all commissions for opening/closing transactions will be debited from the GVT wallet at a discount, the size of which depends on the amount of GVT stored within the wallet. Please note that you need to hold GVT in the wallet for at least seven days to become eligible for discounts.

    Note: At any time during the reporting period, the manager may disable the option to pay the commission in GVT. In such a case, the commission will be charged directly in the MetaTrader software (0.3%) and won’t be deducted from the wallet. The commissions that had already been paid will be taken into account at the end of the period. All of the discounts only apply when trading on Genesis Markets.

  3. The order and logic of calculating the commission from the GVT holders trade and the distribution between the investor and the manager:

    • For each open and closed transaction, the manager pays a full commission of 100% (both for himself and for the investor). At the end of the period, this entire commission is distributed by shares between all the program investors and all the commission that was overpaid for investors by the manager is returned to the manager.
    • All open trades and the current profit on them, within the framework of a specific manager program, can be viewed in the «Open positions» tab. Information on open positions is updated every 30 seconds. All closed trades can be found in the «Trades» tab. The profit indicates the profit/loss of the transaction and closing commission.

    For every single trade, the GVT wallet records two transactions for the opening and closing commissions. A trading account can be in three currencies: BTC, ETH, USDT. The commission of these currencies is recalculated in the GVT value depending on the exchange rate at the time the transaction was placed.