General Questions

What is Genesis Vision?
Who are GV managers?
Who are GV investors?
Does Genesis Vision have mobile apps?


I haven’t received a confirmation email after successful registration. What should I do?
I would like to stay anonymous. Can I put fake data to my profile?
Does GV have a KYC procedure?
How can I secure my account?
I forgot my password. What should I do?
Can I close my account?

Investment programs

What is an investment program?
What is the reporting period?
What are the fees?
What do stop-outs mean?

GV Funds

How do I invest in a GV Fund?
Do I need to wait for my GV Funds investment request to be executed, or is the investment instantaneous?
What are the target and current percentages? & What do they actually mean?
What are the GV Funds fees?
What are the benefits of creating a GV Fund for a manager?
What’s the best way to choose a suitable fund?
What changes can a manager make to his/her own fund?
How are GV Funds profit formed?
Why is the withdrawal amount reflected as a percentage?

Investor’s account

How to become an investor?
How to make an investment?
Which currencies can I use to deposit?
What is “the currency of the investment program”?
When will my investment request be accepted?
Can I cancel an investment request?
When will I receive my profit?
What should I do if I am not happy with the program?
How to withdraw my investment from the program?
What happens to my investment when the reporting period ends? Will it be returned to my wallet or reinvested?
What happens if a manager closes his program?
How can I double check the authenticity of managers trading results?

Manager’s account

How to become a manager?
How to create a program?
What should I write in the program description section?
Can I edit my program after it has been created?
How can I accept an investment request?
Can I close the program?
Can I create more than one program?
What is a manager’s level & how can I get a higher one?
What happens when the period of the program ends and I still have open trades?


What is GVT?
Is GVT a security?
Sell or hold? What will be the price in 2019/2020 etc.?


What was the ICO price?
When was the ICO?
What is the total supply of GVT?
What happened to unsold tokens?