The list of fees charged by Genesis Vision platform

Platform fee

TypeFeeProgramsCopy TradingFunds
Entry Fee0.5%
Success Fee0 - 10%*
GV Commission15%
  • Entry fee is the fee charged by the platform that is a percentage of the initial amount invested in a Program or a Fund.
  • Platform Success fee is the fee charged on profits generated by Programs or from a trade transaction when Copy Trading. It is calculated according to the HWM system as a percentage of the profit received from a program during the reporting period or from a trade transaction when copy trading. No profit means no Platform Success fee is charged
  • For external account, GV charges a 15% volume fee from all copied trades
  • The percentage depends on the amount of GVT stored in the wallet. For every 1 000 GVT stored in the wallet, investors receive a 10% discount with a maximum discount of 100% (i.e. an investor holding 1 000 GVT will only pay a 9% Success Fee, an investor holding 10 000 GVT will pay no Success Fee).

Withdrawal fee

The fee charged upon withdrawing funds from the platform. The commission rate depends on the currency used for withdrawing funds

WalletGenesis Vision TokenEthereumBitcoinTether
Fee1 GVT0,01 ETH0,0005 BTC2 USDT