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RarePepes have finally been bridged from btc onto eth network. Grab a verified vault here today! - DYOR
The sunny fruity perfume blended with the aroma of grapefruit, celery and musk will make you experience like bathing inside the sun while you wash your hair, cleanse your soul and quick repair your hair and temper!
The much-anticipated Diptyque Christmas countdown calendar, with a gorgeous and mysterious gift box themed on the dazzling galaxy, follows the footsteps of the constellations to reveal a surprise gift every day.
I emailed support but never received a reply, When are you going to open up funds again?
Also please get rid of the admin r1AD. It would at least restore some faith in the project
And moderating the telegram group would be much appreciated, current admins let spam bot operate unrestricted and show little to no faith in GVT.

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