#VET vote by the VeChain steering comitteee ending shortly on VeVote. It appears cost of fees will be reduced by 99% because of the pump of VTHO by 2600% since the beginning of the year. It appears to be a defensive measure to protect the network, because high fees kill projects (such as the VIMworld dApp for NFTs on VeChainThor blockchain). Now guess what, Binance does not distribute VTHO to VET holders since the end of january '21. What are they going to do with these extremely high prices now that utility of VTHO (and therefore VET) will be considerably reduced in the short term?
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Remains 00d00h07m19s. So far, 5 members out of 7 have voted: Proposal on Adjusting VeChainThor Base GasPrice Proposed by: VeChain Foundation ...