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Cracky Capitol

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The adventure started in 2010 by two students at the University of Toronto with a forum on finance, technology and software. Beginning in 2010, this adventure evolved into a 45-member core team and a 1500-person external support group, this cominite 45-person core leaders group established their own teams according to their area of ​​expertise and also established interactive teams ,finance, software, technology, blockchain, cryptographies, application development, entrepreneurship, social engineering, social media, etc. As part of an anonymous, powerful team of teams specialized in areas, a team manages this account. We have been following the genesis vision project for 2 years on the recommendation of our expert team in crypto money and bitcoin,we have established a new team of experts in the field of crypto coins, finance and software and we serve you on the genesis vision platform ,we aim to develop and grow our team day by day ,we are grateful to you for your trust in us.
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