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Markets work with precision; this is why asset management exists in the first place. If you don’t have the time to master trading, let skilled people do it. All the complexities of the financial world are simplified to a single decision — choosing a manager on the Genesis Vision platform who best meets your aims and requirements.

Transparency matters. That's why we are serious about it

The concealed system of money management is archaic and desperately needs transparency and trust. The impeccable blockchain technology that underlies the platform manifests itself in complete transparency, which importantly is both fraud-proof and secure.

Transparency matters.
Invest in the platform, where you have total control over your funds

Genesis Vision strives to give more power to the investor, by making trading history completely open and authentic, paired with a whole host of tools for due diligence right at the investors fingertips. An internal exchange is planned to be released in the future, which will push the control levels even further.

Invest in the platform, where you have
A fair and profitable 360-degree solution for all market participants

Genesis Vision created an ecosystem, where skilled asset managers compete in delivering profits to their investors. They do it by trading on the servers of partner brokers, benefiting all of the participants.

A fair and profitable 360-degree solution
Bridging the divide in existing markets

Asset managers can trade both conventional and crypto assets; thus Genesis Vision investors have a choice of which market they want their funds to be traded on. Besides, additional versatility is very favourable in any trading strategy.

Bridging the divide in
Genesis Markets

Genesis Markets is a part of the Genesis Vision ecosystem. In simple terms it's a crypto broker that aggregates depth of the market and order books from multiple crypto exchanges. This results in an unprecedented amount of crypto assets gathered in one single space.

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Investors don’t directly trade on the market themselves, they choose an investment program that suits their risk tolerance and profit requirement. Instead, managers carry out the trading, while investors receive profit according to managers performance.

  • Genesis Vision represents a decentralized ledger of multiple asset managers, ranked by performance.

  • Genesis Vision brings long-awaited transparency to the asset management industry, making all of the trading results honest and traceable.

  • The trust aspect of the asset management platform is secured on the level of the programming code with the help of Blockchain technology.

  • Managers can trade any assets using any financial instruments, helping investors to truly diversify their portfolio.

  • A plethora of tools and ratios result in a conducive environment for well thought out investment decisions.



Managers are skilled, competent traders of all kinds. Genesis Vision provides an opportunity for asset managers to monetize their skillset on a whole different level, receiving income both from extra funds under management, as well as in managerial fees.

  • There is no need for additional marketing, other than consistent trading results. In a fair and open market, profits do the talking.

  • From the manager standpoint, the trading process does not change, the integration process is both quick and easy, even seamless.

  • All of the profit distribution is handled by smart contracts so that the managers can focus on what’s important — trading performance.

  • Increased investor confidence caused by the guaranteed transparency results in an increased average investor’s check.

  • Managers can trade any market or asset of their choice, including ETFs, forex, oil, crypto and many more.

Genesis Vision Token (GVT)

Genesis Vision Token(GVT) is an ERC20 utility token. It's an exclusive token, requisite for using the Genesis Vision platform, which serves as a universal currency for investments and profit distribution.

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